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2020 Professional Guest Artist Webinars

Video Playlist

  1. Gordon Goodwin (moderated by Greg Conway)
  2. Sgt. Priscilla Silva (moderated by Lynne Foy-Couche)
  3. Harrell Harris (H2O) and Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Keydon Levy (moderated by Diana Ryan)
  4. Aaron Shaul (moderated by Cary Nasatir)
  5. Ricardo Garcia (moderated by Cary Nasatir)
  6. Dr. Andrew Boysen, Jr. and Dr. Jack Stamp (moderated by Greg Conway)
  7. Dawn Richardson and John Mader (moderated by Cary Nasatir)
  8. Richard Meyer (moderated by Cary Nasatir)
  9. Jay Mason (moderated by Greg Conway)
  10. Ellyn Marsh (moderated by Cary Nasatir)
  11. John Mackey (moderated by Greg Conway)
  12. Robert Litton (moderated by Greg Conway)