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The foundation operates through the efforts of volunteers and contributions. Its symbol is the blue ribbon which friends and volunteers wear in memory of Jenny and of this brutal tragedy.

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Jenny Lin Foundation
P.O. Box 21150
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Jenny Lin Voice Hotline:
(510) 537-7366

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Navy-Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon Meaning 

On July 2, 1994, friends and family of Jenny Lin tied blue ribbons to trees and posts across the East Bay. These ribbons serve as a reminder that the Jenny Lin murder case is yet unresolved. Blue was chosen because it was one of Jenny’s favorite colors. The blue ribbon has become a symbol of the Foundation’s fight to solve the murder case and to improve child and home safety for all communities.

If you would like a supply of blue ribbons or tips on how you can use these ribbons as a show of support for this case, please contact us.