Guidelines for Community Service Hours

Information on how to earn community service hours
Students participating in the music or safety programs sponsored by the Jenny Lin Foundation have opportunity to earn community service hours. The Foundation stipulates the following activities as service to the community, and thus will, upon request, issue community service certificates to students who volunteer their time in these activities.

Navy-Blue RibbonConcert Performance

Students performing in the concert will earn 4 hours of community service.

Navy-Blue RibbonTech Rehearsal

Students present for the tech rehearsal will earn 4 hours of community service (only if also perform in the concert).

Navy-Blue RibbonJLF Fundraising Events

Students earn community service hours for spending time in assisting Jenny Lin Foundation fundraising events, such as Jenny’s Jewelry making or sales, car wash, or other types of fundraising events.

Navy-Blue RibbonOther JLF Program Services

Students earn community service hours for time spent assisting the Foundation in planning and organizing the Jenny Lin music and safety programs, such as the activities of the Student Coordinators Group.

Note: The twice-a-week rehearsals at Canyon Middle School are not counted as community service because students do not provide service to the public during these rehearsals.