How you Can Help

Show that you care about this case and child safety
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Jenny Lin Foundation welcomes and needs assistance from the public. Some of the ways you can show you care about this case and child safety are to:

Navy-Blue RibbonVOLUNTEER at the Foundation office or at Foundation events. The Foundation needs people with all kinds of skills including administrative, managerial, computer related, and those who would just like to spend quality time with kids!

Navy-Blue RibbonWRITE your local politicians and government leaders urging them to make the resolution of the Jenny Lin murder case and child safety a top priority.
Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing to request your attention and assistance in the Jenny Lin murder case. On May 27, 1994, a fourteen-year old girl named Jenny Lin was found brutally and mysteriously murdered in her home located in a safe and quiet neighborhood of Castro Valley, California. To this date, law enforcement officials still have no potential suspects.

This case embodies the most frightening aspects of our society just as Jenny embodied the most beautiful and special. Jenny was a straight-A student and a talented musician. More importantly, she was an innocent child who brought joy and love to all those around her, who had faith and trust in her world and her society.

This crime represents the most heinous aspects of our society because an innocent child was violated in her own home where she should have felt most safe. Please do anything possible to aid in the resolution of this case, such as inquiring about the case at the Alameda County Sheriff’s office or becoming involved with the Jenny Lin Foundation (2381 Grove Way, Castro Valley, CA 94546). In addition, please make child and home safety a priority in your work. Thank you for your time and attention.


Navy-Blue RibbonWEAR a blue ribbon in support of Jenny and the foundation. Tell people her story when they ask you what it means.

Navy-Blue RibbonTEACH your children to be safe and to live defensively. None of us can take our safety for granted.

Navy-Blue RibbonDONATE supplies to the Foundation. Some of the items needed include office supplies and computer equipment.

Navy-Blue RibbonDONATE – Make a tax-deductable, monetary donation to the Foundation. Some of the projects your donation may go towards are: increasing the reward fund, music scholarships, or safety awareness workshops.

Checks may be sent to:
Jenny Lin Foundation
P.O. Box 21150
Castro Valley, CA 94546
All donations are tax deductable under IRS Tax Code Section (501)(C)(3).

Thank You
Navy-Blue Ribbon Blue Ribbon Meaning

On July 2, 1994, friends and family of Jenny Lin tied blue ribbons to trees and posts across the East Bay. These ribbons serve as a reminder that the Jenny Lin murder case is yet unresolved. Blue was chosen because it was one of Jenny’s favorite colors. The blue ribbon has become a symbol of the Foundation’s fight to solve the murder case and to improve child and home safety for all communities.

If you would like a supply of blue ribbons or tips on how you can use these ribbons as a show of support for this case, please contact us.